Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Learn 1,000 words in a new language

Learn 1,000 words in a new language urges campaign

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Britain is losing out on international trade because of poor language skills, say campaigners

Everyone in the UK should learn at least 1,000 words of another language, urges a new campaign.

The 1,000 Words Campaign stems from concerns that the country is losing out on international trade and jobs because of poor language skills.

It aims to confront the view that only the brightest can learn a language.

"For too long people from the UK have suffered from a reputation that we are lazy linguists" said supporter Vicky Gough of the British Council.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Spurs fans continue chanting `YIDS`

Defiant Spurs supporters ignored the FA’s demands to stop using the word Yid by persistently singing it throughout yesterday’s match.
The team were playing away at Cardiff City and many fans started chanting the term as soon as they got off the train.
Around 40 minutes before the 4pm kick-off “We’re Tottenham Hotspur, we’ll sing what we want”, resounded around the stadium, followed by “Yid Army” and later “Yids, Yids, Yids”.
Most stood up for the whole game as they bellowed the songs. Barely five minutes passed between chants.
Fan Roger Maltz, 64, said: “I am Jewish. I remember the 1967 FA Cup final when I was attacked by skinhead yobs for being a ‘Yid’. For the past 10 or 15 years it has been used as a defence mechanism. We are just reclaiming our identity.”
Dave Beese, 55, and his son Adam, 26, also insisted: “The word is used in the right context. It’s entirely used in a positive manner. There isn’t a problem with this.”

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Donegal Ireland by the sea

Where is the best place you have visited and why?

Some common verbs collocations

Some common verbs
have a bath
have a drink
have a good time
have a haircut
have a holiday
have a problem
have a relationship
have a rest
have lunch
have sympathy
do business
do nothing
do someone a favour
do the cooking
do the housework
do the shopping
do the washing up
do your best
do your hair
do your homework
make a difference
make a mess
make a mistake
make a noise
make an effort
make furniture
make money
make progress
make room
make trouble
take a break
take a chance
take a look
take a rest
take a seat
take a taxi
take an exam
take notes
take someone's place
take someone's temperature
break a habit
break a leg
break a promise
break a record
break a window
break someone's heart
break the ice
break the law
break the news to someone
break the rules
catch a ball
catch a bus
catch a chill
catch a cold
catch a thief
catch fire
catch sight of
catch someone's attention
catch someone's eye
catch the flu

Yes, David Cameron, 'Yid' really is a race-hate word. Here's why

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Honest is the best policy

Honest is the best policy. In the long run you often get caught for being dishonest so it is better to always try to be honest.