Thursday, 17 August 2017

What makes a good photo?

Which of the 3 photos is your favourite and why? 
I took the photo of the stranger on the beach fishing, very early in the morning on my first day of my holiday to the Algarve in Portugal. The solitude and the peace and quite was what I was trying to capture.
 The second photo is of a harbour and mountain view in Lanzarote Spain. I love this view as it is so relaxing but also interesting. It suggests to me possibilities of travel to far of places. It is also a memory of an enjoyable holiday a few years ago.

The third photo is a collection of random photos. They have no real connection. I am the person sitting on the little wooden bridge on the left. This was taken in the Pyrenees in Spain the views all around were amazing. The bird photo is not mine but it shows incredible photographic skills and I love the colour too!

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