Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Read Read Read

Many agree that the biggest hindrance to a child succeeding in all forms of English tests (reading, writing and comprehension) is down to the amount of reading they have done form infancy. Unfortunately, boys tend to read less generally than girls and therefore they find these English test disciplines difficult to master. A top private school's headteacher told a gathering of parents who asked: "How can my son/daughter improve her general English skills?" to which the head replied: "Reading, reading and more reading!" 
Writing can be developed from all the genres of reading that pupils have enjoyed, as the imagination will be sparked by good books. Discussing an idea first can then be developed until a story unfolds, writing it down in stages as the the story develops. The draft can then be edited together with your tutor and then in bite sizes, if necessary, it can be written out in its final stage.
Reading and writing will help you to improve the way you communicate to others too and comprehension skills will follow as your confidence in words and their meanings in sentences of books and texts will equip you with the ability to answer questions in any test with consummate ease. There is a knack to answering comprehension questions accurately and this is READ and understand the question, refer back to the text, and then write your answer. Re-read the question and the answer you have given to check they make sense! It's as easy as that!
All these skills will be improved by reading lots of different books, fact and fiction which will lead to a greater understanding of words and their meaning. Reading is for life not just for school. Your power to express and communicate on all topics will be greatly enhanced.