Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A great English song but not such a good singer.


This is a song from the early 1980`s by The Jam.
The song is called A Town called Malice. I will not say who was trying to sing it in the video.
Many English students like to improve their vocabulary by learning the words of popular English songs.
Hope you like it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Ha`penny Bridge Dublin

Ha`penny Bridge Dublin
The bridge's official name is 'Liffey Bridge' but is known to everybody in Ireland as the Ha'Penny Bridge in memory of its toll which was one halfpenny. It is the oldest pedestrian bridge in Dublin, and also the most famous. The bridge dates back to 1816 and was Originally called the Wellington Bridge in memory of the Duke of Wellington.
The bridge was constructed using cast iron, a material that is prone to bad decay with aging. In recent times the bridge was closed while extensive repairs were carried out by Harland and Wolff who were made famous for constructing the Titanic. The Bridge arcs over the Liffey and is crowned by three lamps. 
I have crossed this bridge many times over the years. I used to visit Dublin more often when my dad was alive. He returned back to live in Ireland about 30 years ago. I can remember meeting him, near here a few times and going into a nearby pub for a quick pint.
This bridge is also known as a meeting point for young lovers. Look closely when you cross and you will see some graffiti marking the event.
My last crossing of this bridge was three years ago, with my brother. He was over from America and we flew over to Dublin together to see the sights and catch up with some of our relatives that we had not seen in ages. I wonder when I will next cross the Ha`penny bridge?